Postnatal Care

Known, effective interventions for mothers and newborns can prevent maternal and newborn death.

Basic care for all newborns should include promoting and supporting early and exclusive breastfeeding, keeping the baby warm, increasing hand washing and providing hygienic umbilical cord and skin care, identifying conditions requiring additional care, and counseling on identification of danger signs to know when to take a newborn to a health facility.

Newborns born in health facilities should be kept there for at least 24 hours, and postnatal visits should ideally be scheduled.

For all home births a visit to a health facility for postnatal care as soon as possible after birth is recommended. If unable to access a health facility, at least two home visits should be scheduled: the first visit should occur within 24 hours from birth, and the second visit on day 3. If possible, a third visit should be made before the end of the first week of life.


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